The Close

About The Close

The Close is an Americana vocal trio from the southeast based in Nashville, TN.  Shannon Walker, Lori J Rowton and James McKinney are three lead singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists whose blend of genres and styles wrap around intricate three part harmonies reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, CSNY and other  harmony focused bands made of multiple writers. They blend together Americana/Contemporary Folk/Country with a commercial Pop sensibility.   The Close performs as a 4-piece for more intimate shows with Mikel Urdy on Percussion and also play with a full 6-piece band with the addition of Kenny Sayne on lead guitar and Justice Joslin on drums. Currently, they are touring heavily to promote their debut Americana EP release, Hello Heart, available now.  


HELLO HEART, the debut EP by The Close available on ITunes:

The Close - Is That Who I Am,  on Spotify: